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Mobile Legends Season Skin Reward

I’ve been searching for an article where I can find the facts on which particular hero that will be selected for the next season skin rewards. If you are familiar with it every 3 months a season resets and the rewards you can get depends on the highest division you have achieved. I’ve been playing the game for several months now and I find it really hard to buy skins, specially heroes in the game. You really need to play several times in a day to complete daily quests and also unlock the achievements in the game which in return give you additional battle points as a reward.

Last season I was only able to reach the elite division and I was only rewarded some tickets and battle points, but on this season I was able to get on the grandmaster division and I was really excited on what rewards specially the season skin, I think that was season 6 already. I have seen on the skin store that there are seasoned skins released for Moskov, Hilda, Fanny. Upon searching in YouTube, it seems that the season 6 skin reward is for the character Alpha, and it is called Sea Gladiator.

I hope they will have a feature in the next coming months where you will be able to purchased these limited edition seasoned theme skins in the store let’s say good for 24 hours. I personally love Hilda and I think it’s season 5 skin is really a great work of art.

In addition, I have also heard a bunch of epic skins for most used heroes in the game. That’s how important having tickets and diamonds in the game. If you want to grab them all you need to spend a huge money, but thanks to this unbelievable website that I’ve just found few days ago. By using this site, you can get mobile legends diamonds and battle points for FREE! yes, you just need to follow their simple steps posted on their site and wait for the rewards to be credited on your Mobile Legends account.

I’ve been using their site for more than a month now and at this point of writing it is really working. I’m planning on using this site until I purchased all skins available in the store, even the not so good-looking ones for the sake of collection and something to brag with your friends and hear them say, you are a rich kid I understand, can you send us a gift for my favorite hero? something like that.

I can also use the battle points that was given to purchase heroes that I haven’t purchase yet, this will help me unlock some achievements where it requires to reach a certain amount of purchased heroes. Imagine the possibilities of also playing to the mini-games where you can free limited edition skins. These skins can no longer be bought, as they are limited but there’s a way you can get them by draw lots in the game in exchange of a certain amount of diamonds as a payment.

All Time Favorite Nintendo Games

For today’s blog article I would like to share the most popular Nintendo games ever created. This games are not console specific by the way, just want to make a compilation of the best of the best games they have released in the market.

1. Super Mario – I’m sure almost every gamer had played this adventure game where you unlock new places or levels, avoid annoying obstacles, kill enemies, collect power-ups, and save the Princess Daisy with the help of Luigi, and the gang. I was able to play the oldest released of this game from Gameboy, Nintendo Family computer, and up to the recent launched for smartphone devices, the Super Mario Run game which can be played using one hand as Mario continuously moves, you just need to jump by tapping the screen or double tap to do some special moves to get rewards such as coins, and etc.

2 Legend of Zelda – If you are a fan of this adventure quest action game, then I can say you should be proud as with Nintendo’s latest handheld console called switch had one new awesome Zelda game available. Better check it out now and you will definitely see how the graphics improvement since the beginning.

3. Pokemon – This is also one of the most popular games by Nintendo available in different versions and also available for different consoles such as Gameboy, DS, Wii, although I’m not sure if they plan to release a version for the new Nintendo Switch. I’ll get back to you guys on this if I’ve seen info about new version of the game. If you are a true Pokemon gamer, I’m sure you are able to play at least 5-8 versions of the game as on the recent released there are new Pokemon released, evolution upgrades, and much more.

4. Mario Kart – supposedly it will be part of the Super Mario game series, but I choose to separate this game as this game is an exciting one, awesome graphics, and as far as I know the latest is Mario Kart 8 to its line-up. Choose from different characters, select your weapon, and new superb features that will make the game more exciting.

Just Curious Why Kids Loves Roblox So Much

I’ve been observing why children age 7-10 loves Minecraft and Roblox alike games, the fact that their graphics is not that stunning like we adults love, but I don’t really understand why they are into this game and I was shocked that they even asked for their parents to top-up their account to buy these in-game items that costs ten bucks to hundreds.

Minecraft and Roblox games are like Grand Theft Auto games that we adults used to play as it is an open world where you can do whatever you want, build, destroy, loot, quests and many more. I trying to recall my childhood days if ever I was into this kind of addiction where I play games even they are not graphically stunning or I mean visually appealing. The only game that I remember was the super mario games on nintendo and some block style adventure games on Nintendo Family computer, so bet yah that I’ve also played similar thing. Funny right? but I think I understand why they are so inlove with these kind of game genres, and I’m sure as they grow old. The likelihood of wanting bad-a** looking games like we used to play now will come in time.

The only part that I’m concern about is because of their addiction and guess what they fully understand the benefits of buying premium items that’s why every now and then they go to me asked if whether I can purchase this using my credit card ahaha. Well of course I don’t want them to get disappointed that’s why I try to do my homework and see if there’s no other way to get this item and luckily I’ve found this gaming forum where they share online generators that by luck really works such as this online roblox robux generator that I’ve tried, this tool gives a good amount of robux and tix that you can use in game to purchase vip membership and other customisation for the game without the need to use your credit card as they come in codes that you need to redeem. I would love to hear your experience with these kinds of games, do you think back in time you also play this kind of games? Head over on the comment section and let me know your personal experience.

Pay to Win Mobile Games

Did you know that there are games where you can easily outclass any player as long as you are paying for the game such as buying premium items, upgrades, customizations, and other important stuff? yes that is really possible even a 6-month player of a game can be easily surpass by a 1st time player who is a gamer by nature and had lots of money on his wallet. Majority of the games that fall into this category are games that are multiplayer and depends on luxury items to boost their progress.

I know game developers also need to earn a living from what they do, but the fact that a gamer can excel by just purchasing what they offer is not a good idea in my own opinion. That’s the reason I still love the games which are free to play and don’t rely too much on in-game items. Yes it is much faster to boost your progress if you will spend a few dollars, but then again if you are just want to play, relax, and give yourself a break from tiring work then go ahead.

Most serious players of a game whether it is free to play by nature or pay to win, for sure they will going to top-up their account using credit cards or PayPal just to make sure they get all the necessary stuff for them to be the best on their league and I can say these are the real gamers, but take note there are also gamers who are wise. They just buy promotional deals that can save them up to 50% of the original deal prize, sounds a great idea right? I’m one of those gamers. How about you? what kind of gamer you are? are you a free to play gamer that don’t bother spending cash just to get bragging rights that you are a rich kid? or you are a game who don’t care if they break their bank accounts as long as they can purchase the premium items?

Clash Royale: One of the Best Mobile Games

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games not just for Android but also for iOS devices. This game is strategic head-to-head battle multiplayer where you use cards to attack and defend. Cards used here are based from the Clash of Clans game by Supercell, but the troops, spells, and buildings released for this specific game are completely unique. For some time, the cards released for this game is also introduced to Clash of Clans. Both games are developed by Supercell and they received monthly updates that includes bug fixes, new features, updates and many more.

Clash Royale has over 100million downloads in Google PlayStore alone and it has an overall rating score of 4.5 stars. This game is really exciting and honestly I love this game more than Clash of Clans because the action is fast phase and a battle can simple ends in a few minutes. It is also strategic and a single move can give you an advantage or leave you into a desperate situation. Your ultimate goal is to power up your cards, get higher trophies to get on higher arenas, unlock and complete new cards.

It is a free to play game, but you can purchase in-game items such as gold and gems to speed up your progress. The most important thing in this game is to level-up your cards to its max level as fast as you can, the problem is gold is very hard to get in this game much more the gems as you can only get these when you unlocked new achievements and some on chest openings. To level-up a card, you need to have multiple same cards. Prices goes up to 100k gold for the max level, but then again this can be easily achieve if you have lots of gems to spend.

Most of the time, Clash Royale has weekly/monthly promos where you can purchase stuff for a very cheap price. They also give huge discounts for gold and gems. You just need to spend a few dollars but it is definitely worth it. The problem is if you don’t have credit card or Paypal or any means to top-up your account then you must find at least a good guy in YouTube who is willing to give gems for free, and take note there are lots of people doing this to get more subscriber to their channel. This site is very easy to use, just need to complete a simple offer before you can get your rewards. At first I thought they are just a waste of time as I’ve tried many times using such tool, but all of them are not working.

Once you have purchased gems or claimed using the site that I’ve mentioned. It is much easier to level-up your cards as when they are already on their max level you will see how easily you can get on top of the rankings. Right now my highest trophies is at 4600 and I can easily go way up by creating additional deck of cards, leveling them up and practicing on challenge mode.

You can also enjoy playing the game as you will be able to build additional decks with totally different cards. You will be bored for sure if you are just using a single deck. I remember when I started it’s almost 6 months that I used a single deck because those are only cards that I leveled up and I don’t have the much needed resources to upgrade other cards. I’m sure you will understand that feeling when you play the game. So again what are you waiting for, be sure to check out the game via Google PlayStore or Apple app store, it is free to download and install and again gems is just a luxury and you can go without it.


Why Gamepad is a must for Mobile Gamers?

Gamepad or game controller is an accessory for mobile devices, which is somewhat beneficial to many. Aside from the ease of usage instead of using the touchscreen display. You can also fire rapid button combinations which is harder to do using your fingers and tapping the screen simultaneously. I’m sure after reading that line, you tried and it is really hard isn’t? well the price of game controller these days are very cheap. You can find china-made controllers in Amazon for as cheap as 10 bucks.

Some games are not directly compatible with game controller you need to mount each button manually, while some games are not picky – meaning they can easily adopt to the new controller automatically which is definitely great. While browsing in Amazon I’ve found some affordable, yet good controllers from company such as Ipega.

Before you purchase a game pad, It is wise to ask yourself if what particular games will you play, and if it will truly make the buy worth it. Well if your answer is you will going to play first-person shooters, racing, role playing games, and moba games, then I can say go ahead and purchase one now because you will definitely see the benefit of using such device, rather just using your bare fingers.

I also want to emphasize that these devices are battery-powered of course, they are wireless and what do you expect. You need to find one which can lasts for 3-5 hours. It is very important that you understand that you know when your gaming controller will going to die as you are on the middle of an important mission of the game, then suddenly it run out of battery.

I hope you can find the best device for your smartphone, you can also try purchasing a wired version then buy a separate USB to micro-USB cable which is well known as USB OTG cable adapter and you can use wired controllers such as Logitech, Steelseries, and many more. You won’t have to deal with discharging issues with this idea.