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All Time Favorite Nintendo Games

For today’s blog article I would like to share the most popular Nintendo games ever created. This games are not console specific by the way, just want to make a compilation of the best of the best games they have released in the market.

1. Super Mario – I’m sure almost every gamer had played this adventure game where you unlock new places or levels, avoid annoying obstacles, kill enemies, collect power-ups, and save the Princess Daisy with the help of Luigi, and the gang. I was able to play the oldest released of this game from Gameboy, Nintendo Family computer, and up to the recent launched for smartphone devices, the Super Mario Run game which can be played using one hand as Mario continuously moves, you just need to jump by tapping the screen or double tap to do some special moves to get rewards such as coins, and etc.

2 Legend of Zelda – If you are a fan of this adventure quest action game, then I can say you should be proud as with Nintendo’s latest handheld console called switch had one new awesome Zelda game available. Better check it out now and you will definitely see how the graphics improvement since the beginning.

3. Pokemon – This is also one of the most popular games by Nintendo available in different versions and also available for different consoles such as Gameboy, DS, Wii, although I’m not sure if they plan to release a version for the new Nintendo Switch. I’ll get back to you guys on this if I’ve seen info about new version of the game. If you are a true Pokemon gamer, I’m sure you are able to play at least 5-8 versions of the game as on the recent released there are new Pokemon released, evolution upgrades, and much more.

4. Mario Kart – supposedly it will be part of the Super Mario game series, but I choose to separate this game as this game is an exciting one, awesome graphics, and as far as I know the latest is Mario Kart 8 to its line-up. Choose from different characters, select your weapon, and new superb features that will make the game more exciting.

Just Curious Why Kids Loves Roblox So Much

I’ve been observing why children age 7-10 loves Minecraft and Roblox alike games, the fact that their graphics is not that stunning like we adults love, but I don’t really understand why they are into this game and I was shocked that they even asked for their parents to top-up their account to buy these in-game items that costs ten bucks to hundreds.

Minecraft and Roblox games are like Grand Theft Auto games that we adults used to play as it is an open world where you can do whatever you want, build, destroy, loot, quests and many more. I trying to recall my childhood days if ever I was into this kind of addiction where I play games even they are not graphically stunning or I mean visually appealing. The only game that I remember was the super mario games on nintendo and some block style adventure games on Nintendo Family computer, so bet yah that I’ve also played similar thing. Funny right? but I think I understand why they are so inlove with these kind of game genres, and I’m sure as they grow old. The likelihood of wanting bad-a** looking games like we used to play now will come in time.

The only part that I’m concern about is because of their addiction and guess what they fully understand the benefits of buying premium items that’s why every now and then they go to me asked if whether I can purchase this using my credit card ahaha. Well of course I don’t want them to get disappointed that’s why I try to do my homework and see if there’s no other way to get this item and luckily I’ve found this gaming forum where they share online generators that by luck really works such as this online roblox robux generator that I’ve tried, this tool gives a good amount of robux and tix that you can use in game to purchase vip membership and other customisation for the game without the need to use your credit card as they come in codes that you need to redeem. I would love to hear your experience with these kinds of games, do you think back in time you also play this kind of games? Head over on the comment section and let me know your personal experience.