Did you know that there are games where you can easily outclass any player as long as you are paying for the game such as buying premium items, upgrades, customizations, and other important stuff? yes that is really possible even a 6-month player of a game can be easily surpass by a 1st time player who is a gamer by nature and had lots of money on his wallet. Majority of the games that fall into this category are games that are multiplayer and depends on luxury items to boost their progress.

I know game developers also need to earn a living from what they do, but the fact that a gamer can excel by just purchasing what they offer is not a good idea in my own opinion. That’s the reason I still love the games which are free to play and don’t rely too much on in-game items. Yes it is much faster to boost your progress if you will spend a few dollars, but then again if you are just want to play, relax, and give yourself a break from tiring work then go ahead.

Most serious players of a game whether it is free to play by nature or pay to win, for sure they will going to top-up their account using credit cards or PayPal just to make sure they get all the necessary stuff for them to be the best on their league and I can say these are the real gamers, but take note there are also gamers who are wise. They just buy promotional deals that can save them up to 50% of the original deal prize, sounds a great idea right? I’m one of those gamers. How about you? what kind of gamer you are? are you a free to play gamer that don’t bother spending cash just to get bragging rights that you are a rich kid? or you are a game who don’t care if they break their bank accounts as long as they can purchase the premium items?