I’ve been searching for an article where I can find the facts on which particular hero that will be selected for the next season skin rewards. If you are familiar with it every 3 months a season resets and the rewards you can get depends on the highest division you have achieved. I’ve been playing the game for several months now and I find it really hard to buy skins, specially heroes in the game. You really need to play several times in a day to complete daily quests and also unlock the achievements in the game which in return give you additional battle points as a reward.

Last season I was only able to reach the elite division and I was only rewarded some tickets and battle points, but on this season I was able to get on the grandmaster division and I was really excited on what rewards specially the season skin, I think that was season 6 already. I have seen on the skin store that there are seasoned skins released for Moskov, Hilda, Fanny. Upon searching in YouTube, it seems that the season 6 skin reward is for the character Alpha, and it is called Sea Gladiator.

I hope they will have a feature in the next coming months where you will be able to purchased these limited edition seasoned theme skins in the store let’s say good for 24 hours. I personally love Hilda and I think it’s season 5 skin is really a great work of art.

In addition, I have also heard a bunch of epic skins for most used heroes in the game. That’s how important having tickets and diamonds in the game. If you want to grab them all you need to spend a huge money, but thanks to this unbelievable website that I’ve just found few days ago. By using this site, you can get mobile legends diamonds and battle points for FREE! yes, you just need to follow their simple steps posted on their site and wait for the rewards to be credited on your Mobile Legends account.

I’ve been using their site for more than a month now and at this point of writing it is really working. I’m planning on using this site until I purchased all skins available in the store, even the not so good-looking ones for the sake of collection and something to brag with your friends and hear them say, you are a rich kid I understand, can you send us a gift for my favorite hero? something like that.

I can also use the battle points that was given to purchase heroes that I haven’t purchase yet, this will help me unlock some achievements where it requires to reach a certain amount of purchased heroes. Imagine the possibilities of also playing to the mini-games where you can free limited edition skins. These skins can no longer be bought, as they are limited but there’s a way you can get them by draw lots in the game in exchange of a certain amount of diamonds as a payment.